Why to count?!












I’m a person who loves counting and gets crazy when sees “marketers” and PR people who does not care much about numbers. Something you do, but can’t measure and evaluate is quite useless for the following reasons: you can’t set objectives, can’t make ongoing evaluation and  make adjustments,  can’t identify where you succeed or failed to consider for future campaigns. You even can’t say to your boss that your effort worked; Oops, no bonuses and increased marketing budget. Briefly, you are not professional of our work, you just rely on lack. Come on, this is not what we think marketing and PR are.

And what are the reasons not counting? there are some: you do not know how to, you say you do not have time, you say you do not have data. If you are none of them, good for you, but anyway keep following  you may get some new ideas, or comment and give us some.  But if you are the case who does not count, Good news here, there is the way out. The only thing you have to do is to realise how much important marketing measurement is and follow our blog, some others blogs and have a look to materials I will link.

You may say, ok I know this is important and will learn new ideas from you, but still I do not have this fucking data. Actually you are totally wrong, like that people in the companies I have worked and have been in touch. Let’s assume you work at a small or middle sized company without ERP or CRM, yeah they are costly but they are worth of it. But till you have them, you have plenty of other sources of information, they are spread and just need to find a smart way to organize, analyse and keep developing.

  1. Your accounting software – All transactions you have made are there. Accountants just use monetary end results, no one cares about the nature of single transaction but we have to. It seems too confusing and irritating when you look at that mind blowing spread sheets. But we have holly excel here, if you know it well and know what you exactly want from that data, to organize it is just the matter of several hours. No joking!
  2. Internet tools – hopefully you have submitted your web-site to Google analytics. If not, do it quickly! Another source of online data is Facebook statistics.
  3. Your customers list, information about your  marketing campaigns and their budgets, information about your competitors and everything else you have around.

Enough for now, next post will be about excel magic tools that will enable you to integrate all of these data. Then – some ideas from my experience and knowledge about metric tools, hope you will find it useful.


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